“Um Jihad” (yeah, RIGHT!) – here is “more” for the lovefest with “brother Siraj”

When Mary Rizzo ignored the cyber wars against her, she figured it was for the best, because when those waging it are out of their minds and have no arguments, not to mention, engage in warped psychotic rape fantasies, you can’t quite make them see sense, much less admit to the truth. However, a little bunch of people who like Mary R, know her, (some of us live near her), and have been following her blogs and activities for a long time thought, “Sometimes a bit of truth and fact is necessary.” The quantity of material available is enormous, ours, hers and other information that will appear over the coming weeks.

It is interesting in the screenshots you will see below that there is a total disregard for accuracy and a twisting of facts to justify what is “honestly” just Mary Shepard’s feeble attempt to deny that the screenshots shown here were true. In fact, “doctoring” them was only done to cover the name of one of her friends, who surely would be able to recognise the accuracy of the screenshots and the text therein.

However, it is understandable they would do this. Siraj Davis considers himself “Ken O’Keefe’s right  hand man” and thus, being so intimate with someone who was using him to spy on Ken, to disclose some kind of plan to move to a place where accountability of his financial activities would get sucked into a black hole, well, that would not be so good for Siraj, so it is in his interests to believe that the screenshots were “doctored” and to fantasize about brand new exposes!

It is in the interests of Mary Shepard to insist it is all a huge plot by Rizzo, even with the lame excuse that the shots were not real, because she knows how the Ken fans spend all their efforts and energy to destroy those who they consider are enemies of Ken. Mary Shepard is aware that there are many more things to be shown, and she finds it simpler to invent a narrative about Rizzo and Sabbah and PTT and even Robin McLaren!

This is just to whet your appetite! CLICK TO ENLARGE







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9 Responses to “Um Jihad” (yeah, RIGHT!) – here is “more” for the lovefest with “brother Siraj”

  1. kimberly amatullah says:

    This is interesting. I am following all up until the mention of R. McLaren; whom I could expose as equal to Mary Shepard, in truth.

    There are a lot of ‘wicked’ persons on this attempt to scourge others and many reasons for it as well, none so good as to merit; but let’s just say that hell will be brewing-over.

    • editor says:

      Robin fancies herself a great investigator, doesn’t she?

      • kimberly amatullah says:

        O! Yes ~ that she does. Moreat, predator/stalker and doesn’t that make a nice fit with a porno-pseudo-muslim and his wicked woman cohort… all panhandling, pawning-off petty stories of self-import and a legion of those who are (zionists no doubt) and ‘out to get them’. Like a wonderful salmonella salad, ick!

        All this because KoCon wanted a private business off the crisis in Palestine? Brilliant work! Love the retort by SD, is that all he’s got?

        Keep liking your posts, narcissism is your friend.

  2. sirajdavis says:

    All of you are losers and forever will be. No one pays attention to you for good reason. When you get to this side of the Atlantic Ocean and you feel like transforming your cowardice into empowerment, please contact me. I would be more than willing to demonstrate to the world and public just how much more humanity a cockroach has than you all 🙂 The Middle east is a big place, but you all have become infamous here. Hey, negative popularity is still…popularity. Congratulations on achieving your dreams of fame! I would have chosen a different approach but what can you say to mentally stymied hasbara.

    • editor says:

      the rape fantasy guy who writes obsessively about M Rizzo himself! who would have thought he would spend his time away from liking his own FB posts which are just as obsessively focused on Mary. Well, we are interested that you don’t seem to be bothered that your “sister” Mary Shepard has been using you hypocritically, while hoping to obtain info. It’s all documented and there is so much more, so sit back and enjoy the show!!

    • kimberly amatullah says:

      Hot Mom’s? Photos of your dead child? A camera? What camera? You never sent me a camera you freakin’ squid lol. and there is not a single piece of evidence you could ever provide that is real and true to say otherwise… but you don’t stop there do you? Remember the fake money transfer receipt you sent? Not even a real company. Yeah, I can go to anyplace like Barbes and have a piece of paper made as well. What you can’t find is a single mention of a damn camera from me. Can you Brother Siraj?

      You’ll do/say anything (as will your disgusting cohorts) won’t you? No shame, none at all. And all you can do is… claim Islam and seek porn, like your own words and posts, post your weird image (I particularly like the one of you naked in your bathroom, you look so disgusting and what Muslim would do that? Really? I guess the porno-liking guy who claims Allah?) and clog the internet with your own weak self-promotion?

      Never mind, you know what? You’re worth a billion laughs you guys, more than a billion.

  3. LJ says:

    Siraj Davis, maybe you should ask Mary Shepard what she truly believes about you brother Ken O’ Keefe. But ask her only if your are prepared for the answer 🙂

  4. editor says:

    Better yet, Siraj, just read what she writes to others about you, that it doesn’t stop that you are sick and kinky, but that you are a real loser. But then again… so is she so… this is starting to not make that much sense. Or maybe the two of you just panhandle for money for your entire lives while tellling the world how great you are, the evidence of which no one has seen yet!

  5. Anonreader says:

    Is this supposed to be important somehow? Looks more like online bullying to me so I guess this is what you use this blog for? I see who is sick and kinky and it’s not this mary or siraj, its you.

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