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Ken O’Keefe, blacklisted from Gaza, former associate Max Igan calls him out.

On the Facebook page founded by several Palestinians called “No One In Gaza Wants Ken O’Keefe” there is an ongoing collection of the various deeds and words of Ken O’Keefe. Ken fancies himself to be the hero of Gaza, but … Continue reading

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“Um Jihad” (yeah, RIGHT!) – here is “more” for the lovefest with “brother Siraj”

When Mary Rizzo ignored the cyber wars against her, she figured it was for the best, because when those waging it are out of their minds and have no arguments, not to mention, engage in warped psychotic rape fantasies, you … Continue reading

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netanyahu and assad, butchers of Arab people

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Activists and their circles, a guide for the perplexed.

Take a look at the following screenshot. You may need to enlarge it by clicking to read the text. Believe me, it is pretty incredible. Pretty sickening that someone considering himself something of the vanguard of activism for Humanity, to … Continue reading

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