Ken O’Keefe, blacklisted from Gaza, former associate Max Igan calls him out.

On the Facebook page founded by several Palestinians called “No One In Gaza Wants Ken O’Keefe” there is an ongoing collection of the various deeds and words of Ken O’Keefe. Ken fancies himself to be the hero of Gaza, but for a while it’s gone out of his discourse, which is quite fine with the Gazans, who prefer not to be associated with his delirious rants and scams, having already had their share of the fallout from his narcissism.

The page sometimes posts screenshots of Ken’s rants and commentary, and when it published the screenshot that follows, his former ally, friend and supporter Max Igan left the comment posted below, with the permission to publish it or disseminate it. (We have only modified a bit of punctuation and highligted a sentence).

kok ranto

“Ken can release all the angry rants and attempt divert from the core issue and tie people’s attention up in details all he likes but at the end of the day he has 2 very, very simple ways to clear his name.

  1. Produce a lawful contract that will prevent people from being compelled to fund war as he promised or 2, Produce evidence to show the funds were used in attempting to create one – as he also promised. Very, very easy. Do that and it all goes away and I will happily eat humble pie and support him 100%. But he won’t do either of those two very simple things – because he can’t.

I haven’t watched his latest video. I still haven’t even bothered to watch his response to me on the richie allen show. … Dang, I still haven’t even bothered to read his fictional ‘subversion report” I didn’t need to. Frankly I’m not interested in a word he says. His words ring hollow to me, it’s like listening to traffic noise. But by the title I’d say he is about to do another fund raiser, most likely aimed at the ‘anti jewish Christian’ market this time, I guess he has pretty well used up most of the other avenues – bar those truthers that still believe in his rhetoric and there is a lot of money to be made from concerned Christians. And no one will remember how he repeatedly said he was going to retire if his last ‘mission’ failed – but of course he couldn’t retire, because it just didn’t turn out to be that one big money spinner he’s been looking for, and didn’t generate the funds he needed to do so when it was ‘subverted’. So he will most likely run another fund raiser, or do another ‘fuck the TSA tour’ to complete his ‘mission’. But of course just as it’s gaining traction again, the mission will be ‘infiltrated’ and ‘subverted’ by ‘agents’ because ken is just such a ‘huge threat’ to the establishment. Just you watch… Ken O’Keefe is a man who speaks truly beautifully, he can stir anyone’s heart profoundly, but underneath it all, he is just another self serving asshole who is likely half agent and half opportunist, but either way 100% self serving asshole. Others may disagree but that’s my personal view gained from my own personal experience.

Ken has misappropriated a lot of money under false pretenses, and he has done it many times before. On at least 6 occasions that I can find. He is completely blacklisted from ever entering Palestine again, especially Gaza. Friends in Gaza have informed me that around $300,000 went missing from one of his missions for “Gaza food” alone, and he was about to attempt that one big money spinner to end them all.

Ken made a huge mistake in thinking he could attempt to keep me silent by shifting blame to me in the world citizen matter when his team didn’t react the way he predicted and he was unable to pin the blame on them effectively. And so, even though it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, I called it, because I was the only one who could have. And I said my piece a year ago was prepared to leave it at that and walk away, but if he is going to start making public statements and challenging people in public the way he seems intent on doing. He will open up a can of worms he will never be able to close and it will all come out to haunt him because unfortunately he has done this type of thing many, many times before. He’s very good at it and he always has the same standard, and very effective M.O:

“I’m angry and I know you are all angry too, so I will say all the right stuff that you really like to hear, and if you give me lots of money I can be REALLY angry for you and you will feel like you are actually doing something with your anger” …. but ah shit, I’ve created such an outcry and become such a threat to the establishment that I have been ‘infiltrated’ by ‘zionists’, the ‘mission has been subverted’ and someone else just seems to have run off with the funds…. of course I had to spend some on living expenses along the way, but I have too much integrity to have even taken a wage for myself yet AT ALL, I’m simply living on air while I put my life on the line for humanity. And if you question my integrity in any way then you are simply another brainwashed zionist demon possessed pedofile asshole who people shouldn’t listen to and is not worth my time responding to…”

That’s Ken…same old story… at least six, maybe 7 times now, maybe even more, and always stuff that pulls on people’s heart strings, Sea Turtles, Palestine, Gaza, The Samouni Family and more… the latest being “World Freedom” – like he can actually achieve such a thing…. and always the same MO… always the fund raiser, always his life on the line, always ‘subverted’ – but don’t listen to my ‘detractors’, they are all ‘infiltrators’ and zionist pedophiles who want to bring me down because I’m the people’s hero endangering myself and dodging arrest out here on the front line risking my life for YOU… so send more money (but don’t expect me to tell you what I’m doing with it because its all just too important, and if you push the money issue at all, you are a brainwashed zionist demon possessed pedofile asshole who people shouldn’t listen to and is not worth my time responding to). same ol’ , same ol’ like a broken gramophone record …. and many disillusioned people, discarded friends and loyal supporters along the way … Ken will likely end up upsetting so many people, and backing himself into a corner that his only way out will be to fake his own death. And even that would not surprise me.

I honestly cannot even be bothered listening to a word he says, they are always beautiful and right on the money, but from my experience, they are completely and utterly hollow.

In 2017 Ken O’Keefe is just a bad mistake I once made in trusting someone I shouldn’t have, and I have moved on. That is the bottom line.” Max Igan

For more on the Ken O’Keefe scams, see Ken O’Keefe is Back and Talking Bullshit 

Important UPDATE by Ken O’Keefe on the World Citizen Solution “Mission”!!! Excitement!!! TJP SILVER COINS!

Ken O’Keefe in the Missionary Position

Would you like some cheese with that whine, Ken? 

The “One World Citizen” (Final) Solution: Ken O’Keefe’s going to save the world (again)! Really! This time he is! While plugging a 27 part film defending Hitler.

Truth Justice and Peace nearly sunk as RTH convoy facts emerge, and as usual, Gazans get the worst part of the deal

the 171 comments to the Ken O’Keefe RTH fiasco (reprinted from PTT)

(screenshots from Max’s comment in Facebook) max igan 1max igan 2max igan 3max igan 4max igan 5

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“Um Jihad” (yeah, RIGHT!) – here is “more” for the lovefest with “brother Siraj”

When Mary Rizzo ignored the cyber wars against her, she figured it was for the best, because when those waging it are out of their minds and have no arguments, not to mention, engage in warped psychotic rape fantasies, you can’t quite make them see sense, much less admit to the truth. However, a little bunch of people who like Mary R, know her, (some of us live near her), and have been following her blogs and activities for a long time thought, “Sometimes a bit of truth and fact is necessary.” The quantity of material available is enormous, ours, hers and other information that will appear over the coming weeks.

It is interesting in the screenshots you will see below that there is a total disregard for accuracy and a twisting of facts to justify what is “honestly” just Mary Shepard’s feeble attempt to deny that the screenshots shown here were true. In fact, “doctoring” them was only done to cover the name of one of her friends, who surely would be able to recognise the accuracy of the screenshots and the text therein.

However, it is understandable they would do this. Siraj Davis considers himself “Ken O’Keefe’s right  hand man” and thus, being so intimate with someone who was using him to spy on Ken, to disclose some kind of plan to move to a place where accountability of his financial activities would get sucked into a black hole, well, that would not be so good for Siraj, so it is in his interests to believe that the screenshots were “doctored” and to fantasize about brand new exposes!

It is in the interests of Mary Shepard to insist it is all a huge plot by Rizzo, even with the lame excuse that the shots were not real, because she knows how the Ken fans spend all their efforts and energy to destroy those who they consider are enemies of Ken. Mary Shepard is aware that there are many more things to be shown, and she finds it simpler to invent a narrative about Rizzo and Sabbah and PTT and even Robin McLaren!

This is just to whet your appetite! CLICK TO ENLARGE







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netanyahu and assad, butchers of Arab people


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Activists and their circles, a guide for the perplexed.

Take a look at the following screenshot. You may need to enlarge it by clicking to read the text. Believe me, it is pretty incredible.


Pretty sickening that someone considering himself something of the vanguard of activism for Humanity, to be at the helm of a new era of collective consciousness (in his own words), uses a public internet site (Salem News) to depict a violent rape scenario and to then somehow twist it, thinking others will agree with his logic, that it is the “victim’s” own sexual fantasy, but that he of course will resist even if doing so would cause permanent bodily harm to the victim. This is just a snippet of the grotesque dossier amounting to a whopping 122 pages when copied onto a Word document, which, if it is not socially deviant, is at least the result of an obsession. Should a person respond to someone like that? The advice anyone would give to someone who was the target of such sociopathic “interest” would be to beware that he is sick and to not even deal with his disorder, as response to it might just “excite him more”.

Yet, the fact is that there is a tiny little galaxy of persons who do circulate around Siraj Davis, despite the fact that he is the only one who “likes” his own posts on FB, and one of these persons decided some time ago to confide in others about her relationship. However, as Aretha Franklin sang, it’s important to know “who’s zoomin who”.

A Shepard’s Facebook Guide to Hypocrisy.

Little did the American hero in the Middle East Siraj know that another heroic American in the Middle East was weaving little webs of deception. Yet, he wrote:

Siraj Davis Michael Langston and Mary Shepard , we have another saying from the region here… athou athouee sadeeqee

(the enemy of my enemy is my friend) . I am sure that circumstances can form new friendships and alliances, and if those friendships and alliances are a far from ascertainable, then toleration and respect can be the least  I want us all to focus on the positive and I am sure we ALL can agree, Kim is not part of that positive.

Yes, friendships and alliances can form on account of circumstances, in fact, most friendships do form thanks to providence and circumstances that bring people to establish alliances, but one has to be more than a little DUMB to refer to someone as his SISTER who has this to say about him, (a day after their public love fest):


Should this story be of interest to anyone? It’s just some stuff that a few people have written on Facebook after all. It probably is nothing more than just a bit of local colour to the insane world where activists spend more time biting each other’s noses off than actually changing the lives of people they claim to be dedicating themselves to. However, when some of the players are demonstrating an interest in me that is almost pathological, it might be more useful to just show them a mirror, show them how they are considered in their own world, especially when they are out there soliciting others for money.

People should be what they say they are and they should not be hypocrites, right? Even though the players here are all extremely minor, as they are, if they are expecting others to trust them, they should be consistent. Siraj Davis is an obscure ESL teacher who seems to think he is at the cutting edge of activism, But, this isn’t about Siraj. This post is about his Sister Mary. (One of the Three Mary’s, which some may remember). Mary has a public persona where she engages in discussion with the hardcore Ken O’Keefe supporters underneath a screenshot by Siraj in a smear campaign against some woman who asked for the return of money she had lent or given to Siraj. Unfortunately, it was not possible to take a screenshot of the comments, as Siraj had to cancel the photos on his wall, due to the embarrassing nature of documenting his interest in porn clips of the “Sex with Mommy” genre, but I did copy the material in a document at the time. Mary Shepard promises enticing screenshots to give to Siraj. ENJOY the loving relationship!

Mary Shepard Carolyn, you don’t know anything about me. I’m definitely not Kimberly. But this is not about me, it’s about her. My brother Siraj asked me to contribute. He and I respect each other and I am happy to be his friend. I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I know who I am and what I believe in. In my comment I was not addressing you, nor did I insult anyone. Picking a fight is not the way to deal with the problem at hand, which is Kimberly Amatullah, not me.

Tuesday at 21:06 • 1

Mary Shepard And I’m not asking for anyone’s forgiveness. What for? I was never a part of anything to do with Ken O’Keefe. I was a commenter asking questions. I walked away after a very short while. I lost friends over the whole thing – I didn’t think name calling and making accusations without hard evidence was very wise. I’m tired of these stupid and pointless facebook feuds. I have more screenshots for you, Siraj, if you want them. Otherwise, I’m finished here.

Tuesday at 21:10 • 1

Siraj Davis Mary Shepard We are all a team and I would appreciate your help sis. It would benefit me, Michael, Daniel, and Ken. Any truth would be a help/ Thanks

Tuesday at 21:12

Mary Shepard You have all my respect, Siraj, you’re a courageous man. And Allah is the best of planners – I’m still amazed at how small he has made this world. I stood on your shoulders in Amman. Your students loved you and you were a tough act to follow.

Tuesday at 21:19

And, to the accusation that Mary Shepard was one of the combination of people that the Kenophiles referred to as “the Three Marys”, Mary Shepard replied:

Mary Shepard I was not one of the “Marys,” Mr. Mabsout. I was not involved. Mary Rizzo used to be my friend, but not anymore. I closed the door on the whole thing and I want it to stay closed, I’m bloody tired of it. The issue is Kimberly Amatullah. I am not here to ask for your trust. I’m giving Siraj my screenshots of her. He and I have both agreed that we are fed up with cyber bullies like her.

Exactly right, I am no longer one of her friends, but upon being told that Siraj was fixating on me and seeing some of his obsessive focus on his FB wall, I wrote a message to Mary and to others. A conversation began and here are some interesting screenshots of it. ENJOY!












ms12 big



And at that point, Mary Shepard realised she was “contributing clarity” to someone who already, paraphrasing her own words, “trusts her as far as she can throw her”. She left the conversation and probably hoped that everyone in the conversation group forgot all about it, especially if one was so supportive, close and affectionate with a guy who clearly has some issues with women and might find out that she was zooming him. Or was she? Remember, we are living in the weird and vampiristic world where today one is BFF and the next they are “someone’s ally for the moment” only to privately slam them as “fucking crazy crazy crazy” with those who question the extreme negation of being ever at any time considered as having been against Ken O’Keefe in the grouping labelled as “the Three Marys”.

There are quite a few other interesting and revealing quotes from Mary Shepard and from those in the Ken world.  But, they are for a future post.

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